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Posted by cadsmith on September 11, 2007

Reviewed Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything, by Tapscott and Williams, 2006. Title refers to shift in economy of scale. There is a page full of alternate subtitles which indicate that it is a snapshot of a morphing environment (p5). This book looks at some of the major innovations driven by the internet & their present & future significance. It has a model based on 7 features which are the chapter title buzzwords. The “agora”, Greek for marketplace, of ideas invites individuals & groups to be creative & reduces the barriers to change. There is a strategy to apply that involves awareness of emergent trends which will become the next motive forces. The notes discuss large countries such as China having a talent shortage or India succeeding in pharma while still looking for cures (p 301). The individual is empowered by this, yet large multinationals & joint ventures are in a strong position. Scientific tenure & promotion curiously still depend on paper-based journals (p 307).
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