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Tag Warp

Posted by cadsmith on September 1, 2007

One aspect of the internet that accounts for its success is the ability to make connections. Tagging is a mnemonic method to do this with contents. Sites are being created which allow people to list multi-media, e.g. del.icio.us, or specific types of information, e.g. books on shelfari.com. Created a gadget to go across these, by typing in the tag string, e.g. “space” or “olympics” & automatically being transported to the appropriate portal. It handles unicode in the label so various language character sets can be input. This is an example of a class of utilities that implement alternative methods to the classic google search. It is reduced to a minimal necessary set of instructions, but could be expanded to have a field to edit the list of sites, do a database lookup possibly from a list of common repositories, or actively survey the web, desktop or intranet for new “tag” resources in the various senses of the term. The translation form could include entries in the dropdown list from other categories based on user preferences, e.g. colors, flavors, proper names or aliases. It has been run okay, after adding to a google user page, under IE7 & Firefox 1.5 with popups enabled. To add the gadget, goto iGoogle, type the URL on the “My Gadgets” form in the “add a gadget” field, & then click Add. Refreshing the browser will display the new gadget box. It is useful to reset the input form before closing the ig page or else the popup will be displayed each time the page is opened. To reset the gadget, click the arrow on the top right of the gadget & select edit.
Poll about next internet. (linkedin login required)

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