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Posted by cadsmith on August 23, 2007

It turns out that in the fast-paced world of web development it is often infeasible to have a separate testing phase due to time or cost demands. This gets users a lot of free software which may or may not be labelled as beta. Some of it includes attempts to maintain high quality, e.g. through agile-based utilities for which the test methodologies are evolving. All of it demands tight-coupling between the producers & users with the latters’ actual behavior driving the direction of effort.

A couple of other forms of collaboration include tags & work-in-progress (WIP).

Tags are used for unstructured indexing of items. These allow users to search across items under the tag heading, display density of tag usage, & list tags to indicate the folksonomy.

As an example of web search, blinked a dozen or so of these together for the tag “art”. Each entry in the list itself is tagged for search on that site. Types include blogs, bookmarks, books, maps, music, multimedia, news, novels, photos, & videos. This does not preclude having a popular tag repository dedicated to artwork. tagsahoy searches several of the user’s login sites. A free desktop tag & search utility, tag2find, is available to try this type of organization on local storage media. This is easy to use & is able to tag across filetypes, e.g. documents, music, pictures, movies, and so on.

Combinations of the two domains, web & desktop, seem useful, so perhaps these will develop soon if they don’t already exist. From the surface perspective, one would be able to cross any storage or format boundary unless the items were marked private or only available to a selective group. It allows people to creatively explore using semantic exceptions more than rules, add to the list, & perhaps work on the items together. Multilingual translations, synonyms, & thesaurusi would possibly also add utility.

Good examples of the WIP sites involve musicians. Users can play online instruments & mixers, by themselves or with others, on indabamusic, jamnow, splicemusic, jamstudio, & drumsynth.


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